Decide What you want out of life

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Deciding what you want out of life, is not always an easy task.

Take a look around you. What do you have now? Think you want to make a change? If you did make a change, what exactly would it be? To move to another town perhaps? If so, think for an instant, where would all your friends be? Would you miss them? How about relatives? You may not be able to say, i will be there in a minute, should you choose to move long distance. Or perhaps the long distance space is what you are looking for.

If you are not happy with your house, then take another look. First take a look at you! What do you do on a daily basis? Do you sit and watch t.v.? Or perhaps talk with the neighbors? You could be working on that house. And, yes, i can say that a woman can do it. I am a woman, and yes..i do work on my house, every chance i get. So i think i am qualified to say, that if you have the will, you can get up and start doing.

I am definitely sounding a lot like a preacher about now. But, there are so many people that want and need things, but are just unwilling to put forth the effort to do one thing, to help themselves. I hope this will find its way into the hands of many people that “think” they can’t do anything for themselves.


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