How to Know if you are too Sick to Go To Work

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Stomach ache?  STAY HOME.  Going to the bathroom to throw up or if you have diarrhea, you can’t very well get much done.

Menstrual cramps?  GO TO WORK.  Most women have discomfort during that time of the month, and most trudge through with the help of some OTC medication.

Fever?  STAY AT HOME  Fevers indicate infection of some type.  You are probably contagious.  Respect the health of others.

Cold Symptoms?  GO TO WORK  If you have a mild cold, go ahead to work.  As long as you are careful to wash your hands, not cough or sneeze on everyone, and no sharing of items you touch, you will be all right and so will your coworkers.Headache?  VARIES   If you have a migraine – stay home.  Otherwise, go in to work.  You may also want to just go in late, because that extra hour of sleep may help clear up that headache.

Sore Throat?  VARIES  Aspirin should relive minor sore throat.  If it does not, this could indicate a bigger problem.  Go to the doctor, but don’t forget the doctor’s note to take back to work.


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