Getting all Steamed Up?

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 5633e0254f86c9c61-main_Thumb.jpg Good Morning….can you see me??

Ever get out of the shower in the morning and your mirrors are all steamed up? Or… lets say you have to share a bathroom and your partner is taking a shower while you are trying to put on your make-up or trying to shave or just trying to finish with your morning routine?

Things You’ll Need:

  • Shaving cream
  • Paper towels or cloth

f2c62721a87138b41_Thumb.jpg Use me! This is so simple and it really works.

thumbnail7_Thumb.jpg Use the white shaving cream. Put shaving cream on your paper towel or cloth and clean the mirror with it! 3 Do this once a week or every time you clean your bathroom. When you are done you can also use the paper towel or cloth to wipe down your sink and counter. That’s it! No more steamy windows!
This will probably work on your car windows for those steamy nights of parking. HA! Where did those nights go??? Just do your windows before you go!


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