Get A Small Business Loan

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Step 1

Their are several resources that are free to help you develop your business plan. First, you must already have a well written and thought out business plan. This is very important. Banks and other financial institutions would like to know what it is you will do with their money and also if you will in fact be able to pay it back. Take your time and actually work on your plan.

Step 2

Be sure your list is detailed, no matter how long it may seem. The smallest items are to be included. After you have developed a plan, you want to think of how much money you actually need and what is you plan to do with it. Be sure to be accurate, so make sure your request is enough for your investment. Itemize what it is you plan to do with the money. Every penny which are requesting must be accounted for. It may be easier if you categorize the items which you plan to purchase: operations (employees, advertising etc.), real estate, assets and so on.

Step 3

Now you have to take a look at your personal financial status. Since this is a new business, there is no credibility based on the company itself. Lenders will use your financial credit as a back up. You can compose a list if your assets and debt just to give an idea of your financial situation.

Step 4

Get the money you need, stay professional and focus. Finally, the most important step is to develop a plan to repay the loan. Lenders want to know what time frame they will receive their money in. You have to be able to explain how this is a good investment and will profit from, so that you are able to pay back the loan. Now, with all these things in order you are able to apply for a business loan.


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