Selecting a Guardian for Your Child

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So you have a baby and everything is all nice and cozy. After all the months of planning, researching and preparing you can hold your child in your arms. Your child is perfect better than you ever pictured. You spend your days doing all you can to insure their safety, making sure that your choices and decisions will have nothing other than a positive effect on their life. You have made sure that their carseat meets standards; the crib is safe and the bedding adequate. You make sure that your child sleeps on their back and has stimulating toys.  You have either made the choice to be a stay at home parent or you have spent endless hours agonizing over and selecting a caregiver to care for your child.  And then your own mortality seems to slap you in the face. What will happen to your precious child (ren) if something were to happen to you? You begin to scrutinize your family and friends trying to make the best possible choice.  With every suggestion you question big things and small, things that are important to you and may not hold the same importance with others.

1.     Will they instill the same values that you feel are important in your child (ren)?

2.     Will your child (ren) have to move away from where you currently live?

3.     What school district would your child (ren) be in or if you home school would your guardian choice be willing to continue to do so?

4.     The age of the person or people you are considering. Not only their age currently but their age in relationship to your child (ren).

5.     Do they have children? Will they treat your children as their own?

6.     Are they financially able to care for your child? If not are you able to ensure for the financial support of your child?

7.     Are your children comfortable with them?

8.     If your child has a pet would the guardian choice be willing to take in their pet as well?

These are just a few of the questions you will begin to consider. If your spouse disagrees with your choice or you with theirs it can make this difficult decision even more so. But the decision is not one to be taken lightly; it is worth all the agonizing and questioning.  Then when you can sleep a little easier with the knowledge that you have chosen the right person to care for your child should something happen and render you unable to do so, you need to ask them if they can accept the responsibility. Hopefully they will be honored that you trust them and respect them enough to ask that they become your child’s guardians and then all that’s left is to write out that will!


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