How To Be The Parent Of A Happy Child

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We all want our children to be happy and as parents, there are things we can do to help our children be happy. To be the parent of a happy child will not cost you one cent, but it will require an small daily investment of your time, the rate of return will astound you.

Read, talk and sing to your child every day starting from infancy. Reading motivates a child to become a reader and it teaches them the importance of communication, and helps a child develop the language and thinking skills.

Verbal communication through talking and singing teaches most of the same important skills to a child as does reading. Reading and talking with your child provides that special time of bonding, and singing just makes learning fun for a child. You don’t have to be a good singer, your child will not care how off tune you are as you sing the A B C song to them. Your child will just be happy because you are singing to them.

To be the parent of a happy child, you must make that child feel loved and important. A child develops their sense of self worth early in life., tell your child you love them often. Recognize each child as an individual, praise them for each bit of progress they make and don’t compare a child with their siblings. As the child grows and starts school, be an involved parent with homework and school activities.

Bad behavior, or acting out, from a child usually stems from an underlying cause, it’s usually a cry for attention and help. The busy lives we live often make us negligent in the amount of quality time we spend with our child. Use the time spent driving carpool or running errands to talk with and sing to your child. Find time each day to spend focused entirely upon your child.

To be the parent of a happy child requires the giving of your time, every day.


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