How to Make a Difference As a Volunteer In An assisted-Living Facility

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images2_Thumb.jpg Elderly citizens in heathcare facility

Call your local heatlthcare facility or your church, and explain that you are interested in assisting the elderly or seniors who are homebound and need additional care. You do not have to be certified in CPR to do this. You just have to have a compassionate heart.

 206UJCAWEGZO0CAP8AAD4CAYRYFMRCAT4S3FVCAK offer to paint their finger nails

Don’t worry about planning what you’re going to do. Most seniors just love someone to sit and talk with them. Bring a book to read to them, offer to paint their nails, bring a deck of cards to play with or hymn books to sign songs with them. Many seniors love the old-fashioned church hymns, enjoy having someone to sing with them. You don’t need to have a great voice to sing, just sing with them.


Greet your senior citizen at their eye level

Remember that most seniors are wheel-chair bound, so it’s great to communicate eye-to-eye with them, either on your knees or seated facing them. It’s very soothing to a senior to be greeted like this.

 7TMSACAO5TRCYCAFKCH4WCATGHVQCCALJ8P8DCAF Touch, pat or hug a senior citizen

Some seniors may have difficulty enunciating, or with their vocabulary. Not to worry, most are able to smile and say hello. Respond to them by saying “I understand”, or “It’s so good to see you again”. Don’t hesitate to hug, or pat their hands, many seniors crave for someone other than staff to touch them and acknowledge them.

 0DLETCA5MLBP3CALW0XB6CAXJ2AGQCA67VS90CAZ Realize seniors may be suffering with many pains. Prepare yourself for the “grumps”.

 Many are in pain from arthritis, or infections, or may blame God or their families for having to be in a healthcare facility. Remember, they are frustrated with their present situation, they aren’t angry with you. They are just trying to deal with pain, disease or loneliness. Don’t give up your volunteering because of a few people. All in all, you are needed and your company is enjoyed by most seniors.


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