Some useful tips for learning new words

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First of all, it is a good idea to read the whole list of words before you start leaning them. Then, one of the most important things is to write the new words while you are learning them. Another very important thing is to try remembering the words in sentence in which they were used. This means that you learn the words in context which is much easier than to learn them only following your list of new vocabulary.

Grouping the words according to certain principles is another tip. For instance, you can group them into lexical fields: Sight (visible, tasteful, tasteless, short-sighted, long-sighted, in/out of sight, color-blind, etc.) Try to visualize the words!

Once I have read that one can use different colors to sort the new words into groups.

The easiest way to learn new vocabulary for some people is to devise spider grams, word-webs, etc. Try this way it can help you.

Playing games is preferable for children but it helps the adults, too.

Learn your new vocabulary in a funny way: drawing funny pictures, looking at funny photos, writing the words in funny situations, reading comic novels, anecdotes, etc.

Oh, please do not forget the songs and the films! Learn the words in situations you will remember after that!

Prepare two boxes and put your word-cards in them. In the first box there are your new cards, in the second box there are your cards from the last week or month. You can revise them wherever you want.

Probably, the most important advice is to learn your new vocabulary with pleasure!


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