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 One of the best ways in which to advertise is through the Internet. The Internet is an amazing and informative tool. Designing your own website can be fun, it can also allow you to gain the exposure needed if trying to launch a business or product. There are a couple of excellent websites that offer “totally” free services for new customers which seems to be an excellent deal especially with the hard economic times upon us.

My is a site that offers numerous tools to build a personal website.  Genourous amount of mailbox storage is supplied to all subscribers.  Basic services are free however, upgrades are available starting at $16 per month.  You may visit the website at  The site offers RSS feeds and links to customer content.

Wet offers free services and the customer has the option to upgrade for a fee. Upgrading your account will entitle you to additional more in depth services including more email storage space and additional templates for your main page. Wet Paint allows the user to choose their own URL and domain. In addition, a variety of 10 colorful and decorative templates are available to start building your homepage. The customer’s URL, will be whatever name the person gives to their site with wet at the end. An example could be

. Additional services include, the capability of downloading photos and documents, cutting and pasting your own designs, and access to a network of friends you can communicate with every time you log on to your site. Upgrade services are offered to all customers starting at $14.99. RSS feeds are automatic upon signing up for a new account.


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