Make your own Baby Food for Free

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It worked great and my daughter never ate any prepared, glass jar food and it cost our family no extra mouth to feed. I hope this works as well for you as it did us.

This is so simple to do! When you finish cooking your meals, take out a few tablespoons of each item and keep it aside for the baby.

After you have ate the meal, then use all the leftovers from the meal for the baby food too.

Place each food in the blender or food processor and blend until it is as smooth as the baby needs to eat. Younger babies need softer, smoother foods then older ones. When the child has teeth and can eat a more chucky food, then you do not blend it as much.

Add liquid from the food if possible, or a little water or milk if need be to help make it nice and soft. Meats can be blended easier by slicing thin and small first, then add gravy to blend smooth.

You can do this with adult oatmeal and cereals, eggs, fruits, vegetables and meats. When you prepare stews, soaps and beans, be sure and blend some up for the baby. Deserts and pudding can be made for baby, as well.

Once you have made each food into baby food then place baby size potions in zip lock freezer bags or tuperware containers and freeze for later use.

When it is feeding time, then take a container of your own prepared baby food from the freezer and open and toss it in the microwave, or into a pot with a little hot water to warm.

One of the best things about feeding your babies this way is that you know exactly what is in the food. It is the same food that the rest of the family is eating. Not only that but it takes very little time once you have the steps down and it does not cost anything.


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