Purchasing Prescription Medications from Foreign Countries

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With the high cost of prescription drugs and limited health insurance coverage, many people have had to resort to purchasing their medications abroad. This practice is nothing new, however it appears that those purchasing their drugs abroad is at an all time high.

Some heart medications can cost in excess of $150 for a thirty day supply in the United States. This cost is based on out of pocket expense with no Prescription coverage. Paying for medications out of pocket can put a person in the poor house. Legislation has made some progress in this area but more improvement is still needed.

Many of those purchasing drugs from foreign Pharmacies are seniors and those with little or no Health or Prescription coverage. It is true, buying medications abroad can save up to 50% on each Prescription. However, in the past there has been serious problems with this practice.

When you buy drugs on the Internet or from an overseas pharmacy, many times you don’t know the purity of the drug or the shelf life. In addition, there have been some horror stories about Americans receiving counterfeit drugs and suffering health consequences as a result.

There seems to be another big problem with buying medicines over the Internet and from foreign sources. Many times Controlled substances are sold with no prescription. In America, Pharmaceutical drugs are scheduled and controlled by the Government. Foreign countries have little to no strict controls over Prescription drugs. Actually, foreign sources are more than happy to sell these drugs to Americans in an attempt to make a few dollars.

Teenagers have purchased drugs like Viagra, Valium, and Oxycontin without any kind of Prescription or Physician approval. It is easy to order these drugs on line and have them shipped directly to your home. Only a fraction of these packages are seized through customs, the remaining packages are delivered.

However, if a person legitimately needs these medications, they are having to resort to these measures in order to obtain them. We need to find a solution to this growing problem among Americans.

One solution may be, continue to lobby congress to modify or implement better Prescription drug programs to the needy. In addition, if you must buy medications from foreign sources you need to be better informed about where and how to make your purchase.

You must have a written Prescription to make your purchases “Legal”. Drugs seem to be of equal quality and purity if purchased from Canada. Canadian Pharmacies will require you to fax a copy of your Prescription prior to dispensing any medication. In addition, even with a Prescription, Canadian Pharmacies are reluctant to ship Controlled substances. You must check the laws within your state about Controlled drugs.

It is simple to research Canadian Pharmacies on line and follow all the requirements. In the meantime research any Prescription discount plans or programs that you may be eligible for.


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