How to Get the Most out of Your Myspace

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1Every so often go through your friends and send them comments. Myspace seems to be give and take!

Check out your friends new pics and comment! Ya gotta give to get!

Keep your profile updated. If you have the same things on there all the time not many people are going to keep checking to see if you updated, but now myspace has the thing that shows you, when your friends that you want to know about, when they update their profiles.

Also a good reason for keeping your profile up to date is so your friends can see what is going on with you. Since you might not always be able to write or check them out.

You have the advantage to write your own blog and let people subscribe, or ask them to subscribe to your blog( just go to your their blog and in the left hand courner you can request them to subscribe to yours, great if you are a poetry writer like me to get feedback on what people think)


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