Troubled Economy and Mental Depression

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It has been proven that during troubled economic instability, the rate of depression is especially prevalent among men. Certainly with the recent loss of jobs, the unstable & declining stock market, and amount of foreclosures, the economy shows no sign of improving any time soon.

Recession and hard economic times are nothing new. From the great depression all the way to the stock market crash of October 1987, economic depression is nothing new. But how is the best way to deal with times such as these. There are some things that a person can do in an attempt to relieve the stress and worry may be causing them.

Although it is unpleasant, to have to tell your children no you can’t go to camp this summer, No you can’t have that new bike for Christmas this year. It is a reality of life. You must not convince yourself that this economic upheaval is only temporary. It will pass, I guess the hard part is not knowing how long this will take.

One way to ease the stress and disappointment of the economy, tell yourself this is not permanent, tell yourself “you will overcome”. Try thinking back to a time when you were financially sound and all the advantages you had that others maybe never experienced. Basically, you had a taste of the good life, now you are experiencing a taste of the bad. There are no guarantees or promises in this life. We have no choice but to deal with the unpleasant times. Sometimes times like these bring families closer together.

No matter what your religious beliefs may be, try reflecting or praying it can make a huge difference. Prayer can absolutely ease your mind and bring some measure of peace to your life. Money can disappear, but faith and prayer will always be here.

In addition, it would help to budget your current finances and cut back on the luxuries or the things that are not absolute necessities. When you really think about it, worry doesn’t help a person one bit, it can only succeed in driving one deeper into depression.

If these suggestions don’t work, then you may have to resort to therapy. I am an advocate of some type of therapy and possibly medication if necessary. If worry and fear of money loss is consuming your life, then I would say you need some type of help.

These hard times will pass. You need a support system and you must believe in yourself and things to get better.


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