How to Make Easy Speghetti Sauce

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Tomato paste

Tomato sauce

Speg seasoning packet

Various spices

Depending on how much you are needing pour Tomato paste in sauce pan Add water and blend, start with a smaller amount and build up untill you recive desired consistincy. Warm over medium heat, keep stirring or will spatter. Add half of seasoning packet, you can find these at any grocery store in the seasoning and spice section. Blend.
If you are making a larger amount you may want to add the rest of the packet. 5 Add various spices. It is all up to you. I personally add a little chopped garlic, pepper, seasoned salt a tad bit of sugar, parsley, basil. Be creative!
Just keep testing untill you have reached the way you like it.

Put burner down to a simmer for about a half an hour still constintly stirring to avoid a messy stove! Voila, your own homemade sauce!

 This sauce tastes best when you simmer for a good part of the day, say 5 hors, I know most of us do not have time for this but it does make a difference.

Try adding mushrooms, tomatoes, mozerella cheese, or anything extra you might like in it. Sometimes I put some hot sause, just a tad, into a pan, when I brown my hamburger. Makes it have a small kick to it, tastes amazing.

Great with garlic bread sticks or bread, as a dip.


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