How to Make Easy Chicken Parm

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Boneless skinless chicken breasts

Speg. sauce or tomato paste and sauce to make your own, with your choice of herbs

mozerella cheese

parm cheese


bread crumbs

veg oil

How much you need is up to your needs, If you are only making for a few people you will only need a few chicken breasts and 12oz or so of speg sauce.


Pull out all the ingredients I listed. Lets start the set up. A cutting board, frying pan with oil on the stove, put bread crumbs on plate, and beat eggs in a bowl.

Set up an assembelly line, it is the easiest way. Cutting board to cut fat off of chicken breasts and to pound them, the easiest way I have found without making to much of a mess is to put suran wrap over the chicken and beat it with an ice cream scoop. Beat the chicken with the ice cream scoop and then dip into eggs.

Then let drain and dip into bread crumbs covering. Place in frying pan on stove over medium heat. While that is going get your pan, like a cake pan, and put thin layer of spet sauce to cover bottom.

Fry chicken on both sides untill light brown and place on to speg sauced pan. Put speg sauce over that some mozerella cheese and sprinkle parm cheese on that.

Bake covered by al foil on 350 degrees for about half an hour. You can check out my How to make fast homemade speg sauce if you would like to make that homemade as well.


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