Tips to Deal with Colic

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1At 1st I didnt know what to do with myself…Try looking on websites for help. Example ask questions. These other mothers understand! There is a pleathra of information on there.

One of the ladies told me to invest in a book called
“The happiest baby on the block”. I can’t even discribe how much this book helped me. I might not have agreed or went with everything the book was telling me but it really helped me understand my baby so much more. It helped me see how he was feeling.

Talk to your friends who have children, most likely they will understand what it is like! I dont know what I would have done without a support systems and friends and family to ask for advice, although most of the advice ends up being disgaurded. YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!

Find someone to help out some. When I 1st had my son I was not at all used to letting people help me, I could do it myself, I soon discovered I was not super mommy. If someone offers, take the OFFER.


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