How to Keep the Relationship Alive After Having a Baby

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1Set aside time. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones that have a good suport system and family that cares and are ready and willing to help out any time they are needed. If that is you see if you can set up a sitter once a week so you and your “other” can go out on the town and have some fun or just stay at home and do something together. Things get harder now, more challenging. You have to pick if you want that time spent alone together or out with friends. I try to mix it up but my boyfriend is one of those that just loves being around people and going out to do something when we get the chance. I am the opposite. My idea of great alone night is just me and him, a movie and takeout. With a message thrown in.

Make sure you do not start taking each other for granted, which happens easily. Try to let your “other” know they still mean so much to you. I know sometimes it can be hard when you feel like you are going a million miles an hour trying to take everything on your shoulders. Just try to bite your tongue( I know it can be tempting to snap) and TRY to smile.

Be sure to remember he is going through this big life changing event too and that you are both trying to adjust. Talk to him.

Above all make sure you let him know he means so much to you. It is hard when you have your little bundle of joy but it is very important to let him know you love him too, even though he just got bumped down a spot.


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