Discussing Sex with your Teenager

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The days of a movie, soda, and a kiss goodnight are a thing of the past. Weather or not a parent agrees with the liberal sexual attitudes and behavior of the day doesn’t make much difference. Teenagers are having sex at a young age and parents need to discuss their concerns with their teen.

Statistics show that by the time a male teen is 16 years old he has already had sexual intercourse. Do our teens really know what they are getting in to? As a parent, you need to discuss these issues with your child directly.

The worst thin in the world that a parent can do is confront their child and try to deter them from engaging in the sexual act. Children tend to be rebellious especially when it comes to issues regarding sex. Confrontation and reprimand will only serve to alienate the teen further away from the parent and rebellious actions could follow.

Teenagers need to learn that sex is not for fun, it has deep meaning and consequences could easily follow their actions. Many teens feel as long as the sex is consensual and precautions are taken then every thing is ok. This line of thinking could leave deep psychological and physical scars for many years to come.

At the age of sixteen or seventeen, a teenager has not experienced “Love”, I doubt they really know what love is at such a young age. It needs to be explained that when one begins engaging in sex, some one could get hurt. Sex is all about feeling, emotion, and physical fulfillment. What happens when one of the persons engaging in sex has deep feelings for the other and the feeling is not mutual.

A guy may just have sex because it feels good. A teenage girl may really love the guy, and the result can be devastating hurt for the other party. This hurt could last for many years and produce deep psychological and physical scars that could effect the persons life in a detrimental way.

Make sure your teen understands the seriousness of engaging in sex at such a young age. One positive thing in all of this seems to be, teens are cautious about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and normally take precautions. Teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases appear to be down in comparison to previous years.

In conclusion, a parent needs to take the attitude that they will not condone or deter their teen from engaging in sex. However, they need to act as a loving and supportive parent no matter what their child may do or not do. The worst thing in the world for a parent is to see their child hurt.


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