Put Your Computer to Work

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Go to the link in thebottom of the page and download the Gomez Peer software. Now this is safe for your computer , there is no spyware or adware that comes along with it.

This is the easy step, just stay on the internet. If you have DSL or anything higher the internet runs all of the time and you can still earn with out the browser up, I have tryed this with and with out the browser up and still earned.  They also pay you by Pay Pal about the middle of the month. Another note, if you have more them one computer in your house, you can also download the software and earn more.

Now all you have to do is tell everyone you know about, think of ideas to get your link out ther.  Such as in your email signutre, or even flyer around town, just please don’t spam the referral link out.

Here is the link:



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