What Types of Beads There Are

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Seed Beads: Seed beads are pretty common, they come in a rainbow of colors and are the size of seeds. These little beads have several sizes and knowing this can help out with projects. The smallest is 15/0 and these are used for vary delicate projects. The next size is 11/0 and this is the most common you find in beads store and in arts and craft stores. Also these are a little easier to work with. Then next sizes are 8/0 and 6/0 and bigger and can be used in bigger projects. All of these beads are made out of glass and come from different parts of the world, like Japan.

Bone and Wood Beads: These beads have been around for ages and have no fear, almost all vendors don’t kill animals just for the spite of making these beads. These beads coming in many sizes and can have carvings for that unique project you have in mind. They give a very natural feel and can be dyed to give them color. Most of the time they are white, with bone, and with wood the range from white to a deep brown or red. Also in the category are nut and real seed beads and these too come in colors when dyed.

Metal Beads: Silver, gold , and vermeil are also bead, though more costly, they can add some dazzle. Most of the time with these beads vendors have to follow the market for prices, so if you see a good price, always ask. Again these come from all over the world and each place has their own design and characteristic.

Swarovski Crystal: These are in a category of their own. They come in many different sizes, cuts and colors. These beads are stunning and add elegance to any project. Most of the time these are found in beads store or online and can be costly, depending of the size you need or want

Gemstone Beads: Almost every gemstone comes in beads. These can have several grade, cut ,and sizes. Most vendors will also list if they are natural or dyed and if they are hand cut or machine cut. Due to the nature of these stones, you will find that there are no two alike and come in stunning colors. When buying gemstone, it good to know your cuts and grades, so read up.


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