Make Money Online Using Xomba

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Step 1

What is Xomba?      
Xomba is an online community where you can write, share, comment, make friends and get paid. Xomba uses search engines to maximize your earnings. Unlike other online writing communities, 50% of advertising revenue on your content page is paid directly to you by Google Ad Sense. In other words, Xomba does not pay you, Google Ad Sense does.


Sign up for Google Ad Sense (if don’t have an account):
This is where you will get paid. Xoomba will not pay you. Xomba has a special code linked to all of your articles and will split your ad revenue 50-50.

Step3 Start Writing!

What do I write?:
Xomba has two different methods of online posting in which you can earn money.
1. Xombabytes- Posts of more than 100 words and can be anything from a blog entry, product or movie review, or how to article.

2. Xombablurbs- are social bookmarks that allow you to share an intriguing link (URL) from another site. You would write a brief paragraph explaining or reviewing your URL link.

Structured like Facebook, once you can navigate your way through Xomba, you will find this site interesting. As long as your posts, comments, and articles include key words from Google, you will continue to make money from Xomba. Xomba also has a refer a friend tool in which you can make money referring friends to Xomba using your own private line (within your profile page). You will receive 10% of all ad revenue for each friend that you invite.


Do not stop writing for other writing communities:
Here is my secret. I have tripled my earnings because I write for eHow, Bukisa , and Xomba using the same article. First, I write for eHow. Then I submit my articles for Bukisa, and Xomba. I may change them or tweak the title, but they are basically the same. Furthermore both Bukisa and Xomba have a refer a friend payout system in which you receive a small commission of your network’s earnings. The key is to stay active in all three communities, write valuable articles, and help anyone who asks.


Submit all of your articles to search engines:
Thanks to Amarande on eHow, I have mastered the art of fast return on my articles. I do not have to wait 30-90 days for my articles to “mature”, and I can drive traffic to my articles immediately. Visit
Copy your article’s URL into the allotted space on Submit Expresss , enter your email, and receive a confirmation that your URL has been accepted. Be sure to check your email as you may have to verify your URL. Submit Express submits your articles to over 20 major search engines including Google. Be sure to do this for each article on eHow, Bukisa, and Xomba. (Links are listed in Resources below).

Step6 Do all these steps. Don’t skip one. If you do one article everyday, submit them to all three communities listed, and submit each article to Submit Express, then you will make excellent money.


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