Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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A lot of people live in a home where they have a very small bathroom. They do not have the option of knocking down walls to make it larger, but they do have the option of remodeling it to make it a much more functional space. This can present a challenge for the homeowner, but with the right knowledge, they can succeed in this project.

When it comes to remodeling any room, the biggest concern is its size. You do not want to install too many new features because it could make the room feel cramped and that would not do you any good. When it comes to undersized bathrooms, you need to look for ways to utilize the space that you have been given in order to make it feel like a larger one.

If you have a large sink in your small bathroom, you might want to replace it with a wall-hung sink which will free up floor space. Or you might want to install a pedestal sink in the corner and that will also give you the elegance that you want along with the openness that you need.

Install a tub with a unit that works both as a shower and bath. This will save you much needed space.

Make sure to choose a toilet that sits close to the wall and that way it will take up less space. If you are really pressed for room, you can purchase a hung toilet that has no tank and that way, you can slide it up against the wall.

Make sure that you paint your walls or paper them in light colors. White or beige are excellent choices and they make an impression of more space and also make your room look taller, so it is also a good idea to put a border around the ceiling.


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