Greatest Dream

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I want to be the richest man in the whole world
Buy everything I want and have everything I need
But I’ll be asked of consistent helping and giving
So I’d rather live being poor for me not to face these heavy obligations.

I want to be the President
And rule every nation, every society and even each community
But I hate rallies and assailment
So I’d rather become an assemblyman of the lord of vicinity.

I wish to become a pop
A star of cinema, television, radio and newspaper
But I’ll regret arraignment and criticism throne.
Then I’ll hope becoming a stunt man and ardent to arouse actor’s temper.

I’ll pray becoming a doctor someday
A specialist and surgeon to heal individual’s naked necessity
However, I’m afraid of seeing my patient dying
In result I’ll just assess myself being a nurse and assist man’s wish of living lengthy.

I’m pretending I’m a good lawyer depending the region of virtuous
Avenging victims in legality and bursting culprits memorize speech
And I will be faced of auction against money and my family
In return I’ll just sleep and dream I’m the writer of laws I used to beseech.

In my delusion I’m an efficient instructor, a teacher of good moral and flexible communication
Earning money low enough but is paid of solemn joy and serenity
Suddenly I’ll fail and stumble for in a single rejection I fall
Concluding becoming guidance counselor and collect evaluation of intelligent entity.

And I shifted being a patient farmer and a hardworking fisherman
Sowing foods to humanity and bringing life to each identity
But I’m lazy and I hate sunlight and perspiration to lead my whole life
So I’ll just wait and see myself being oppressed, who asked alms.

I wish I’m a poor suitor, a broken hearted in love
Coz I’ll consider new beginnings and light after dark
But I won’t expect this to happen again but it may intend
So I’ll wish being single and live my life with God’s divinity.

I want to be a victim of the killing AIDS or cancer
And live my remaining life to the fullest in full kindness
But I don’t want others to be merciful and pleased me just because I’m sick
So I’d wish becoming a caregiver so I’ll be paid for my benevolence.

Finally I’ll just wish being unprofessional writer
To make myself what I wanted to be
But in the end I’ll just wish being me
And live as free as I should be.


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