Tears Revelation

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Serenity is leading a hard – headed man of different premonitions
While suddenly a shining star pulled him to decoy of ignitions.
But informing the cute tranquil did not exist to handcuff one’s saturation
For it’s only his delusion being brought to bottle of hard – earned salvation.

Still he thinks of a savior that will use hatchet to avoid bounty hays,
A hero to guide him to eternity from being haggard due to consecutive slays.
Though harp wasn’t use to sustain his hammock of gladness,
The pretty humiliate him but loath was changed to smiling illness.

For his harsh voice is huddling the leader’s dream consideration
That’s why the benevolent hasted to feed the pathetic reconciliation.
He harrowed his identity just to please the intelligent handrail.
In result is friendship developed but a greedy naked hail.

But his heart is slowly being hacked by heron of perfection.
Still he continues to hum though it leads him to humpback’s association.
In return is hypocrisy hoisted by the humorist optimist
But he grabs the opportunity to weave his becoming ideal perfectionist.

Instead of becoming aware about where he should put himself,
He close his eyes just to arrow his hardy, hale and distinct elf.
But a message from a friend awake him from jailing beard of hermit.
That the heir of the upper class is belonging to somebody’s brilliant seat.

But the hazardous and hypocrite man still tried to conquer the heart of the talented one
Without thinking no medicine is available to cure his raucous wan.
Coz fairy tales won’t happen to sinners like that “man of no letting go”,
For he is so cruel and selfish that he is dreaming someone who’s so special and rare like snow.

And now that his clandestine is being pegged by the courageous human,
The weaved fantasy is broken to the point of killing the chairman.
For a smile begin to fall and the ideologist’s voice starts to hide
That’s why consistent tears flow in his eyes while forgetting the ride.

And another heroine shows her gentleness to the fool, frustrated and downhearted creature,
But his not willing anymore instead numbness is what he prays to turn to an antique caricature.
For believing he is half – breed, that hinting feelings does not require handicraft
Is not the reality but the reverse of the elegant haberdashery on a tight craft.

Still he’s wishing being played and become henpecked to the great ruler of his time.
That kissing the image’s hem and its heel will be enhanced just to let him complete the line.
But light is halting the coward man, leading him to bite his own heavy and malleable husk,
For hairnet won’t sustain his pleasure being handful in taking every role of the cast.

In his dimness is a rivulet made reflecting a man of gifts and talents.
A large bell ringing to inform the world about his hidden glowing ventilates.
That he should magnify his own significance to prevent the louse on the supper,
For he do not know of maintenance that a single mailman could only offer.

Because individual has his/her own unique purposes to fill the needs of the puzzle,
And it’s only written and documented to the dazzling justice in far white castle.
That being alive and living in evaporating discrimination on the four corners of the vessel
Is not important but a shimmering solemn heart to pass on the eternity’s tunnel.


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