Hidden Significance

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Reality would tell how powerful modern technology is at recent era of industrialization. These technological achievements have broadened and explored the welfare of humanities before. It greatly affects today’s livelihood, projecting its maximum impact in the near prospect. We are likely becoming dependents as baby is, for we used to seek changes. A remedy that will make our work easier and faster!

Probability and Statistics are ordinary subjects, for these were introduced both in Secondary and Tertiary levels. In addition, some of which are discussed in Elementary level. But, how come that these subjects greatly affect the field of engineering? What are the verifications and manifestations that future technologies maybe related to computer engineering courses like Probability and Statistics?

Professionals have documented that computer engineers understand both software and hardware. But, they emphasized more on computer hardware. In other words, a computer engineer is deemed to build and to design computers. This fact justifies the worth of the courses – “Probability and Statistics”. It makes such courses advantageous to engineering students.

At first, an engineering student will be able to apply the knowledge of analyzing certain events or circumstances based on the theorems and concepts discussed on the aforesaid courses. In addition, reasoning and intuition will be polished and will be utilized especially in midst of critical conditions such as dilemmas, failures and defeats. Moreover, methods and step-by- step process shall take into consideration for effectiveness of decision-making and case analysis. This is for the purpose of overcoming different obstacles in one’s journey to success.

Next, after becoming a certified computer engineer, he may employ the notion of Statistics with regards to “Quality and Quantity” concept. This is to sustain an amateur’s weakness, being in need of experience. That, although he maybe a fresh graduate, still he is capable and familiar of the job, for he knows its basis and foundation.

Thirdly, a professional computer engineer will still need to exploit the basic concepts of the courses offered in College. This is now in line with the company’s main objective – “to lasts for a long period of time”. In due course, he is competent to interpret and to understand problems occurring and recurring in the company. The SPC Tools allow him to provide necessary adjustments and improvements. Thus, deepens his veiled scarcity.

Finally, the youth and the old, the mass and the society, the nation and the world, they are forced to use the prime concepts and principles of Probability and Statistics. The probability of individual success, the quality our colleagues seizes, and the quantity of people seizing golden hearts in establishing harmony and collaboration in the world.

Most importantly, the courses Probability and Statistics are useful and present not only in the field of engineering, but in each aspect an individual chooses. People might not notice its importance, but it exists and matures in things we do. It is an everlasting cycle that surrounds each individual’s phase of life, in an endeavor of awareness on this ecstasy of mystery and inexplicable circumstances called WORLD.


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