Three vs 1000

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It was an adorable month’s heart of lucky 2007 when I landed for a one-day application in IPI. Blissful thoughts of wisdom came out after hearing from the manager that my application is irrefutable. The feeling was blessed by fortitude, so strange but fortunate to win sympathy for the desired position. At last, for the second time, I was hired!

That was Friday to be exact and I was asked to have my medical examination on the next day. I have to accomplish all the needed requirements for short period of time. The position is so urgent and in need. They would want me to report in soonest desirable time possible. Imagine, second day of the following week?

It was 27th of February 2007 and it coincides with the departing schedule of my elder brother. Of course, I want to accompany him. But, how could I? Suddenly, there was a blessing in disguise. Here it goes; I reported earlier and asked for the result of my medical exams. The specialist asked me to undergo another x-ray examination. This is because suspicious linings on my bones were detected. I was a little scared that time, but I considered it as a “lucky thing”, for I will be able to accompany my brother as he makes way for Taiwan.

As projected, it was a false alarm. I worked in IPI the following week, 6th of March 2007 to be exact. I was frightened then, but as always trapped with oozing confidence. Perhaps, everybody feels the same way too.

Endorsement follows after week-long trainings. Successful pass on the “schooling” makes me feel intuitive, as if I was arrowed by thoughts of what to expect in IPI. I was flabbergasted when I saw the cleanliness of the surroundings. However, frankly speaking, I was disappointed with IPI premises. There were too many streets to memorize. It’s as if I need to solve a puzzle to go from one place to another.

I was sanctioned then to Quality Assurance department as an SPC-DMS Line Engineer. I was introduced to different IPI people and taught of IPI rules and obligations. Most importantly, my job designation and its corresponding description were thoroughly discussed.

Staying here for 1 ½ year is indeed a remarkable one. I was able to impose series of improvement activities. These innovations are beneficial not only to QA department, but to entire IPI community as a whole. Among these improvement activities are Automated OT, Leave & Change Shift Monitoring and Automated Attendance Monitoring that bagged Bronze and Copper awards respectively. In addition, I was a part of “New Reflow Jig Defect Free Condition for Warpage Improvement” of QA Section; it was a winning entry in TPM Convention 2007. I created macro program for such monitoring. I even contributed in TPM’s Quarter Flash and now compositions for HR Edge.

In all these efforts, I feel certain that no recognition is justly given. Each of us here in IPI has individual strengths and expertise. Indeed, IPI employees are multi-tasking. They worked far beyond their signed duties and responsibilities.

“3 versus 1000” is what I feel working in IPI. It’s as if I am“three” working for those one thousand tasks. Still, many of us preferred to take things as challenging endeavors. Thinking Employee Involvement and Empowerment as the thrust IPI stands for, as it hones IPI employees for the challenges in business world, as it molds them to create a leader within themselves.


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