Extreme Seed

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Albumen filled the emptiness behind the king of affliction
When suddenly it falls on the graveyard to sustain the perfect conviction.
For god of memory reminded him of alimony amid one’s insistent alumnus
That’s why the amiable ambitious is now patiently recovering from the call of disgusting fungus.

But reminiscing other’s dilemma was heard from the aisle of abortive agenda,
For it calls solidarity from the acclaiming journey of a noble man’s acquitting propaganda.
That he was not the only one abducting from the deepest abhorrence brought by unique accent,
For the one forsaken by the world of discrimination is an accompanist of rebelling pain to ascend.

And the remembered feature alighted from the book of cruel – killer catastrophe
To strive in abating storm, to abstain solitude and to gain one’s dreamed brilliant trophy.
Not to waylay one’s era of fame and glory but to persevere in acquitting them from idealism.
To use adhesive tape to make them adjacent to the altitude of just and right optimism.

The man’s pessimism began when he was adjoined near the accelerating other’s wisdom.
That he was left by his epoch since his accustom differs from God’s adherent in praying dome.
The sufferings run deeper than the deepest ocean ever written and higher than the highest documented mountain
When fear arrows itself to develop anger in his safest place which is dream of elegant fountain.

He was afraid to rest anymore for a monstrous is trying to kill the hopeless absurd,
But fear is adulterated by excitement for the next night he saw the dusk of the creature with sword.
Alibi is ask by his abdomen who’s alluring banquet to abridge his life and hold his neck
And consecutive nights answered the inquiry that it is a man of equal height and same stand erect.

He awoke and wondered why his height and stand is abreast with the adhering man’s shadow,
But seconds, minutes and hours passed by and the moon captures the green abandoned meadow.
And alms is begged by the abrupt man supplemented with infinite premonitions,
Wishing not to encounter but to adjourn the source of his aggravations.

He heard water streams and speculated, “where it came from”?
And he knew the man is weeping, abounding fluids filled the man’s thumb.
It alters his fear for the man is so poignant but his heart starts to beat fast
When the man is being ventilated and he knew it’s him who’s on fatal killing vast.

The intensity of fear is high but is surpassed by lonesomeness in his rusty heart
And the reality adorns his agony to agitate the completion of the chart.
Acceding indictment brought him of becoming corrigible that leads to his horizon
And abdicating from abeyance to his own dream is affirming him to God’s collision.

The reader being the king and queen of his soul, prime minister of his brain and ruler of his own heart starts to wonder.
“Why the writer seems to be so shallow that he’s abiding a vision of noble self – offer “?
But the intelligent bookworm affixed to a conclusion that the man reached already the feared saturation.
That is seldom in a million for the man of vision is also man of man’s correction.
Concluding that fear of own self is the scariest and saddest of them all,
For benevolence will occur only when you understand the process possessed by the living hall.
And it should initiate at the very beginning to thwart thirst for freedom and to invite God’s courteous act of extreme consideration,
So, when your time ends up somebody’s willing to light candle and consign you to fragrance of naked anticipation.


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