Cruisin’ The Highway

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Man I opened that door, got in my car

I knew to escape I had to go far

My woman done hit me with an iron bar

She was playin’ her hand, with another man

I mean, she was all sugar and spice in bed

Till that morning she kicked me in the head

“You’re no man” was all she said

The sugar’s not nice, and pepper in the spice

We’d met that day down by the river

And when I saw her I went all a shiver

When she kissed me my legs’d start t’quiver

But now she’s gone, I just have this song

I’s a good man, I gave her all my money

And she’d say “I love you honey”

But just when I feel my heart go all funny

She says she’ll visit mother, just to see the other

When she was with me, I did all I could

But she left, I guess I knew she would

I’ll find someone else, I know I should

But when I phone, there’s no one home

She said, “He loves me more,

And to me, you’re just a bore.”

With these words she slammed the door

Man I got in my car, I just had to go far

Cruisin down the highway, hittin’ the ton

My woman done took off, my ex hon’

At the time I thought I’d won

But all she could say, was show me the way 


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