Beginning to Alleviate the Unfulfillment

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Art is another form of communication used beyond the language. It is considered to be a highly personalized matter. These are things which may be barbed out in any painting sessions. These are connotations that would lead to arts appreciation. By clicking it, being an artist is not an effortless job though this kind of profession is as an old line of work. This passion had existed from decades to centuries, from generation to civilization and from medieval period to popular art. The talent of appreciating art and applying its usefulness has a significant impact. It is not like gambling or playing cards or even catching the lion by hook or by crook. Otherwise, it is a precious gift from God, which is given only to those persons who believe in it. These are people who were able to consider its values and broaden its meanings; individual who builds its purpose.

In addition, this distinct talent should be nurtured with a piece of love for nature plus a blend of reality about life, about one’s subsistence. It is to unleash history to recent days of contemporary people. It requires trust in own effort and unsurpassed faith in God. This would form a masterpiece of human art that caters peace, prosperity, and holistic change; dealt with growth of the highest creation.

I was flabbergasted and amazed when I ascertained that there is diversion in making art. That painting is not tedious as what I perceived before. I was able to realize that we are all given talents in different aspects. This is for us to appreciate and be appreciated, to make each life progressive, to live a bountiful life, and to achieve individual purpose as well. Behind the fold, I have to admit that I do not have enough talent in painting. Maybe, God has forgotten to sow this talent to me when I was fabricated. But, I know that I can appreciate art and produce certain values on one’s work and of my very own too.

I was surprised when I heard about the techniques in drawing. I knew things about correct proportion and basic rules on applying oil pastel, particularly the used of complimentary and opposite colors. I discerned new knowledge about arts explicitly in painting. I was given glimpses and hindrances about arts appreciation, its application and facts that make it purposive in nature.

Abovementioned lines of thought were my learning experiences when I have attended a painting session when I was in College. I can say that I’m fully satisfied, hoping that I could apply these new eruditions about painting. That though for a fact I do not have weak talent on it, my knowledge will at least be broadened and I will learn how to appreciate arts more deeply; regards to my points of view before.

In disclosing this composition, I can proudly say that I can now be a painter, “a noble artist, who deepens the reality of life; pure saint of solitude, who is a servant of somber type”.


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