Technology Leads to Poverty

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The world is created perfect and beautiful. God has bestowed excessive natural resources for the sustainment of mankind survival. Apart from these tangibles, the mightiest had given us unique talents and expertise. Each of us is made stunning and intelligent. It is for a fact, that man is the highest creation. We are made accountable and responsible to God’s creation. We are the stewards and care-takers, taking into consideration the plants and the animals.

                However, human beings tend to evolve. Generations led to industrialization and globalization. Inventions and innovations were now a bit of the reality. The resources were misused. People’s livelihood changes as technology advances. It shortens the length of stay of humanity on earth. New illness and sickness were determined and others still for discovery. Third world countries suffered from great famine and inevitable poverty.  

                Undoubtedly, these are few of the impacts of the advancement. It’s very good that technology had broadened and explored man’s way of life. Nevertheless, it would be best if we will limit improvement on the basis of what we really needs, not on the theory of what we wants and dreamed to have. Balance has to be made. We should spend our lives wisely. It’s for the benefit of each God’s creation, of us – man practically.  


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