Top 10 Smallest Countries in the World

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Some say living in a small country is good, others say it is a nightmare. I don’t know which one I will prefer best. Look at the list below and decide for yourself. Most of those countries are a major tourist attraction whether it is for history, swimming or just mixing up with the elites.

1. Vatican City

Square miles – 0.17

The Vatican City has a population of about 900 and gained its independence from Italy on the 11th of February 1929. Official language in the Vatican City is Italian.

2. Monaco

Square miles – 0.75

Monaco gained its independence in 1297 and an estimate taken in July 2008 showed that only 32,796 people live in this country. Monaco’s inhabitants are mostly wealthy and from other countries. Afterall it is a country that is considered as a tax haven and lies in the Mediterranean ocean.

3. Nauru

Square miles – 8.18

This island is inhabited by Micronesian and Polynesian people and gained its independence on the 31st of January 1968 from Australia, New Zealand and UK-administered countries. Even though it is much bigger than Monaco in size, Nauru only has about 13,700 people living on it.

4. Tuvalu

Square miles – 9.89

This island is located in the middle between Hawaii and Australia with neighbors like Samoa and Fiji. It gained independence on the 1st of October 1978 from the UK and the official languages are Tuvaluan and English. They also have their own currency which is the Tuvaluan dollar but the Australian dollar is widely accepted too.

5. San Marino

Square miles – 23.63

This country is landlocked and completely surrounded by Italy. The population is about 29,973 and the official language is Italian and the main currency is the Euro.

6. Liechtenstein

Square miles – 61.77

This country is in the mountains and therefore it is the perfect spot for skiing. It is also considered as a tax haven and the smallest country that speaks German in the world. Population is just 35,322 and it is bordered by Austria and Switzerland.

7. Marshall Islands

Square miles – 70.05

This country can be found in the Pacific Ocean and the official name is Republic of the Marshall Islands. It gained its independence from the USA on the 21st of October, 1986. Population is just a little more than 60,000 and the official languages are Marshallese and English and the currency is the US Dollar.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Square miles – 104.01

Saint Kitts (which means Saint Christopher) and Nevis are found in the West Indies. It was ruled by the United Kingdom until the 19th of September 1983. Population is 42,696 and the official language is English and they use the East Caribbean Dollars.

9. Maldives

Square miles – 115.05

It is located in the Indian Ocean and it is heaven for divers, snorkelers or just beach goers. It gained its independence from the UK on the 26th of July 1965. Population is about 350,000 and the official language is Dhivehi but English is widely spoken.

10. Malta

Square miles – 121.66

If you like rich history, medieval architecture, swimming or clubbing, then this is the country to visit. It has them all and much more. Independence from the UK came on the 21st of September 1964. Malta is also considered as a tax haven. Population is about 420,000 and the official languages are Maltese and English. Official currency is the Euro.


List was acquired from the CIA World Factbook


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