Taos, New Mexico

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  Taos, New Mexico is a great skiing destination.  You can find out more info about Taos Ski Valley here:  www.skitaos.org. It tells you the skiing conditions, current temperature and a whole lot more. The elevation is 6.950 feet.  The Chamber of Commerce website for Taos is here:  www.taoschamber.com.  You can also visit Kit Carson Park.  Kit Carson Cemetary is over 150 years old and is his final resting place.  You can watch traditional celebrations and live performances at the Taos Plaza.  Fred Baca Park also has picnic tables, and a wetlands area where you can see wildlife in their habitat, there is a trail plus two observation areas.

  Taos was Incorporated in 1934.  As of the 2000 census, the population was only 4,700 people.  Taos is also the home of Kit Carson.

  The name Taos comes from the Native American language which means “place of red willows”. 

  There have been a lot of revolts in Taos’ history including:  Pueblo Revolt in 1680, the Commanche Raids in the 1770’s and the Taos Revolt in 1847. 

  In 1899 artists began settling in Taos.  Some artist’s are Nicolao Fechin, R. C. Gorman and Agnes Martin.  Some Hollywood residents include Julia Roberts, Val Kilmer, and Dennis Hopper.  Donald Rumsfeld too.

  There is an interesting hum audible to some people in Taos.  It is usually heard west of Taos, near Tres Arejas.  They call it the Taos Hum.

  For historical reasons, Taos is one of the few places in the nation where the American flag may be displayed continuously..The reason is, Confederate sympathizers from the Civil War kept trying to remove it.  Kit Carson had the area surrounded by guards in hopes to put a stop to them.


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