” how unfortunate for you”

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                                                   “Unfortunately For You”

How unfortunate it is for your heart at the moment,

         My deepest sympathy you have,

I know how badly you cared for him,

         That’s why I can’t help but to laugh.

I watched as you wished for things to be great

         I prayed that your dreams would come true.

Your guard was set down, yet I hoped for the best,

but deep down better we knew.

Completely intrigued by a few simple moments,

         You allowed yourself to become amazed.

I tried to stop you when I saw you falling,

         but I think by then it was too late.

You set yourself up, you forgot the mind leads,

We both know, it’s you who’s to blame.

You’re smarter than that, I least I had thought,

         But now you cry for your pain.

What advice do I have, what haven’t I said,

         There’s no way I can help you with words.

I tried to remind you, don’t think with your heart,

         But silence was all that was heard.

A fool to believe, a hopeless romantic,

To think that with time he would care.

It was obviously clear what he was feeling,

He barely even noticed you there.

How embarrassing for you it all must have been,

How is it you did it so long?

Were you really that blind to not see the truth?

Did you honestly think nothing was wrong?

I don’t mean to belittle, or even be rude

And I don’t mean to giggle as you cry

But the reality is you should have known better

But you did the opposite, and you he denied.

Back upon your knees you’ve fallen,

devastated by love’s disappointment again.

You walked in unprotected and open,

So I’m sorry all this you deserve my friend.


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