“My Note”

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                                                                        “My Note”

Last night I stayed here for my very last time. I left just right before dawn.

I didn’t want to wake you, so I wrote you this note, to read once I was already gone.

I took all of my things, and I straitened up on my side, I put everything back as it was.

I made sure to take even the smallest detail that would ever remind you of “us”.

I folded your shirts, and I did hang up your jeans.

Oh and I left a map to your cigarettes, so you wouldn’t have to stop to call me.

“Our” dog I walked one more time, I cried the entire way to.

I shouldn’t of gotten close, but you made me feel like he was ours when really he belonged to you.

I still can’t believe I won’t be here in the morning, I wanted so badly for things to work out.

I wished that I had meant something or anything, instead of just being so easily forgotten about.

I suppose I bought this on myself, you were always so loud and clear.

Which is why tonight I’m leaving, your message I finally hear.

 I’m sorry for having intruded in on both your space and life. I don’t know how I thought you wanted me to stay, when with me you never even spent time.

“Confusing and complicated”, at least that’s how it was seen in my head, maybe it was me who made things hard and not easy, but who knows nothing you ever said.

Still, you have my appreciation, and I’m grateful for the moments we did have.

I did love hanging out with you, there was more than a few times that we laughed.

Truly I do hate this, why couldn’t you just show me a sign or given a hint?

Something just once to ease all my worries, and to know that something I meant.

I really did want to wake you last night; I wanted you to tell me to stay.

But I knew you were tired and I know about sleep besides those words you won’t say.

I couldn’t expect you to pretend anymore, something you didn’t even feel.

Too polite to be truthful, and I understand, but still, it went against our deal.

I cried as I packed quietly to myself for things having to end like this.

I can’t tell you enough how badly it hurts, or how much you I’m going to miss.

Once more thanks again for everything, you really are incredibly great.

If I can ever pay you back, let me know, don’t be shy and hesitate.

I’m sorry about having to leave this way, I’m sorry about this note.

I’m just sure that if you had been awake, I wouldn’t of had the guts to go.

Hard on me it was already, I feel it’s so unfair.

How is it they all had your heart? When I was who actually cared.


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