War Child

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Snoozing in my nice warm cosy bed, I’m just a little boy,
Cuddle up in bed with me is teddy and a little toy.
Because you’ll never know just what’s the score,
If i’ll need a cuddle from teddy in this nasty war.

They tell me I’m little and I won’t understand,
What these people in government have planned.
How to make things better and run this country,
When big men are fighting, I don’t understand why should that be.

There are dads that I know, they live in my street,
Like my daddy they’ve gone away with the army to fight.
They say it’s to protect our country and keep it free,
I’m sure the’re right but the point, I can’t see.

It’s very scary and dark out there in our street,
The grown ups tell me it’s called a black out.
We mustn’t let the enemy know our location.
But I still don’t understand why the commotion.

Oh no, that very loud siren wakes me with a fright,
What’s happening mammy it’s the middle of the night.
That siren noise always gives me the shivers,
But a very clear warning it delivers.

The enemy is coming well all have to move quick,
I can hear airplanes above in the sky; the fear makes me feel sick.
I run and run as fast as my little legs will take me,
Until at last we reach the shelter and safety.
It’s confusing, I’m worried, and the people run and rush
People are scared, a police man says “please don’t push”

The bombs are falling, oh mammy I’m really scared,
What a good thing they knew what might happen, and were prepared.
I seem to sit here for so long with those things dropping,
But my teddy is with me, he’s not scared or crying.

All has gone quiet, we come out of the shelter, there’s lots of rubble,
There are people sad and crying, their houses are broken, that’s the trouble
What a relief nobody is badly hurt,
But what of the mess, confusion and dirt?

There’s talk you know, about sending us to the country far away,
But I’m a big boy now and with mammy and teddy I’ll stay
They say that way the children will be safer, more steady.
But I say, no way, cos we’d miss mammy, would me and teddy.


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