How to get ahead at work

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                  Work is work right? If that is as far as you want to go. Looking to get ahead? Than you have to keep a few things in mind…No matter what job setting you work for you must first and foremost master your curent position. You don’t have to love it, but, you have to know it. This is very challening. Why? Because…well…who wants to be at work when there are so many better things one can be doing?

                 Once you know what you are doing and are contributing to your place of business people notice. People enjoy your presence for the simple fact that you get things done. Even if that means taking on a task or two that may not be your responsibility. It makes you people think,” Wow. He/she knows his job so well he had time to do “x” task as well.” That is the easiest and hardest thing to accomplish, because, when people get to know there jobs they tend to become lax.

                 This step has to do with attitude. What will they think if you have a sour look on your face the whole time you are working? What will they think if you perform day in and day out like your dog just died? This is a loop hole to the first two steps because upper management does not want someone who hates their jobs to move up and lead if they hate their job. Why? Because the people who they are now leading notice these things too. As ridiculous as it may sound, this is contagious.

                  This step has to do with relationships and socialization. Keep it neutral. Work relationships can be tricky. The person who saw you making a fool of yourself may one day be in a position to promote you one day. Will they? The person with whom you had a so-called “fling” with may havge the upper hand someday. Good ? Bad?…Keep it neutral. Be light and airy while keeping topics to those pertaining to those outside of work and people outside of work. If topics come up that may be sensitive to those around you put it back on the person who brought it up. This will make it seem like you are participating, but, not biased. Why does this step seem a little…shady or untruthful??? Politics anybody?????????

                   Last and not least has to do with appearance. This is applicable anywhere. If in an office where a tie, a coat, shave, comb your hair. Are you a mechanic? Construction worker? Will a foreman think that a person who doesn’t even bother him or herself with their own hygeine or appearance care for or about other aspects of work? Will they be taken seriously? Just a question?


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