How to write a poem

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1Fistt thing is first. Make some time to sit with your thoughts. These types of endeavors take time, and, sometitmes getting started is the hardest part. What do you want to write about? A thought or idea? A person? A dream? It doesn’t matter because one of the most important parts of this step is the realization that you are writing for the simple act of writing. Sit and think of the one event that most affected you today, last week or whenver. What aspect of that happening made it memorable or important? A person perhaps. Ok. One of the hardest parts of the process is complete…we have a topic.

     To rhyme or not to rhyme? The best poetry in the world has been written in both styles. Completely up to you. The most important word to know when writing anything is “art”. Why? Because when it is looked up you will realize that art isn’t art unless you say it is. If you are happy with your product than that is all that should matter. Ask Beethoven. He once told a grand Duke, “There are hundreds of dukes in this world, but, there is only one of me.”

     Now we have the topic and the mind set. Write the first thing that comes to mind. Writing about lonliness? ” All alone”… wonderful first sentence. Now what? Well think about that first line. What would this type of lonliness drive you towards? “All alone, I’d nurse a stone and sing it a lullaby.”( William Butler Yeats) This was written by one of the greats. A simple couple of lines that gets his point across. How long should it be? I don’t know. It should be as long as you think it should be. A page. Nine pages. Doesn’t matter.


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