Meditation…Its not that difficult.

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Solitude. A little peace and quiet on its own can do wonders, and, this is definitley one of the key points in the process. Meditation is possible with others, but, for the sake of simplification we will stick to solitude. The absolute lowest possible amount of noise is also very desireable. If in a place with noise other than running water or natural noise pollution the concentration part can become very difficult. Voices are not ideal because this will allow us to become distracted easily.                                                                                               Sit comfortably in a place where you know you will not be bothered. Sit in a manner that will allow you to be comfortable for a period of time, but, not in a way that will lull you to sleep.                                                                                                                                          Once sitting we will need to relax. Not relaxing like we usually do, but, relaxing in a way that we focus on our bodies. Once focused on our bodies we will notice the rigidity of our postures and we will need to focus on relaxing those areas.Once relaxed we will need to focus on another aspect of our bodies. We will need to focus, actually, on one of its main functions…breathing. Make it steady. Rhythmic. Continue to breathe this way. In deeply and then exhailing completely. Once comfortable with this exercise we will move to another exercise a bit more difficult.                                                                                                                                                                      Once relaxed, in solitude and quiet with our breathing under control we will need to start relxing our minds. This, in essence, is the point to meditation. The most effective practice, that i have found, is the imagining of a movie screen when there is no movie playing. It is very large and completely white. It is your focus. Once that picture is completely in focus start focusing on the white of the screen. Stare into it with more minds eye. All of the energy you put into thinking and stressing about everything else should be focused on straing into this infinite white. At first, because i said movie screen, you will see a theatre with a screen in its center, but, as we continue to focus the theatre will disappear and the white is all that will remain. With all our possible energies focused on this white our thoughts will…stop. Your mind will be clear. All the time we are breathing very rhythmically and when a thought threatens to enter this nothingness focus on breathing. Not the idea of your diaphragm sucking air in and out of your physical body, but, on the rhythm…


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