Who Are border runners!

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Through all times and in all countries there are a certain number of people who always neglect this sentence on their tourist visa:With this visa you are not entitled to work/ Study in xxx .and some of them even obtain illegal jobs in the country which they are staying under a tourist or short visit visa,but as the duration of such visas are normally 1 month( for few countries it can be up to 3 months) or some peopel may go to language learnign institute or even training institutes which all are illegal under a tourist visa.

so most of the time when the one month validity of the visa is about to finish they travel out of the country to the nearest border,cross the border and come back again.these people are called border runners some times!

the event of border runing made some countries to pass special rules for immigration for example some countries dont give tourist visa on arrival to the nationals of certain countries or for example in thailand they passed a law that if you enter the country more than 3 times you have to be at least 90 days out of the country to be able to enter for the 4th time.However, there are still countries that you can extend your visa through border running!

there is no visa required for the nations of most countries( except few eg. India) to enter malaysia for a period of 1 month. for the nationals of some countries they can stay up to 3 months in malaysia as a tourist.for indonesia you wont need a visa and for most nationals a 7 day validity visa will be issued at the cost of 10 USD ( 2008).

Another country which does not a visa to enter is thailand which the nations of more than 80 countries can enter visa free unfortunatly the iranian nationals not only can’t enter this country with out visa but also they can not obtain the visa from other embassy’s ( other thai embassies rather than the one in Tehran) but  there is one possibility for them to get it through a tour package.

for the nationals of most european countries there is no visa required to enter Hong Kong and Macau.there are many other countries also who are excluded for visa( Malaysians,Thais,indians,…)

the small island country srilanka also doesnt need a visa to enter for a period of 1 month and for maldive also you wont need a visa to enter for a period of 2 weeks.


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