How to Live in a Glass House

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Don’t you know that to live in a glass house is no easy prospect? To begin with, you have to give up the habit of throwing stones. Not easy. Here is an article full of tips on how to live in a glass house.

glasshousegraveldrive_Thumb.jpgWhen you live in a glass house, the first thing you must avoid is a gravel yard or driveway. Even with the convenience and savings. Glass and rocks do not mix. The temptation is too great, when you live in a glass house!

glassshower_Thumb.jpgWhen you live in a glass house, don’t be surprised if the smell of popcorn permeates the neighborhood each time you take a shower. The key is to wait for nights when there is no moon, turn all the lights out, and sneak to the shower. Be sure to take your soap-on-a-rope with you and wear your night vision goggles. Go to the shower first and layout your clothes and towels and adjust the water. Be ready to take a dive if the neighbor drives by with the headlamps on high beam.

drivethruwindow_Thumb.jpgA person who decides to live in a glass house will need to avoid the temptation to be a neat freak. If the glass is too clean, the neighbor might run to say hello when you’re inside thinking you are in the yard. The UPS truck might deliver right to your couch, if you live in a glass house. You also run the risk of a visitor trying to traverse through a wall.

glassdoor_Thumb.jpgThe beauty of when you live in a glass house, though you cannot hide or pretend that you are not home, when a salesperson or Jehovah Witness comes to your glass door, there are advantages to them seeing you through the door and walls. If you live in a glass house when this occurs, you just go into your cheerleader routine holding up placards that convey messages such as “I gave at the office”, “I have a contagious disease”, “Did you see my big dog out there anywhere?”, or even “Go away”.

hidingbehindglass_Thumb.jpgThe fact that you live in a glass house effectively eliminates what you can do in the privacy of your own home. You have to watch what sort of cable or movie videos you watch on your giant TV screen. If you live in a glass house, and the neighbors do not approve of what you are doing, you might find the law at your front door. If this happens, there is no place to hide, so don’t even try, if you live in a glass house.


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