Earth Hour 2009 – Will You Commit To Make A Difference?

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The first Earth Hour took place in Sydney Australia in 2007.  2.2 million people participated in the inaugural event and set the bar. Just one year later, the number of participants jumped to 50 million!

Earth Hour 2009 is slated for March 28th.  At 8:30pm, participants around the globe will switch off their lights for one hour and send a powerful message about the effects of climate change and global warming.  Commiting to turning off your lights is a great start, but there is even more you can do to make Earth Hour 2009 a huge success:

  • Go to and sign up to become part of the Earth Hour movement.  You’ll get valuable tools and tips to help reduce your carbon foot print on a daily basis.
  • Email this article to all your family and friends and urge them to join you in turning off the lights on March 28th.
  • Download the Making Earth Hour Happen In Your Town brochure (pdf format) and implement Earth Hour in your community.
  • Watch the Earth Hour video for a dose of inspiration!

Earth Hour is a message of hope.  A simple act that results in a powerful change.

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