How to Say It With The Perfect Number and Color of Roses

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1images4_Thumb.jpg A single rose,  Valentine’s day is next month.

What better way to celebrate it with someone you love, than to send roses. This can be a guide for you to know how many, and what color to send to your loved one, to get that special message across to them. If you send 1 red rose, you are saying “I like You”

Step2 21UEPCAN0Z5QDCAG4R8AKCA86828ICAZ6EUH2CAJ Do you adore her, or is it true love?

 Send your lover 6 red roses, and you are telling her “I adore you”. A step above, a dozen red roses, and you’re saying “It’s true Love” Step3 images7_Thumb.jpg I’m Sorry, and want your forgiveness,, or Congratulations?

 You want to make amends and need forgiveness? Then send 15 Red Roses, you will be telling your spouse “I’m sorry”. Someone has accomplished a great feat such as a graduation or job promotion, send 25 Red Roses meaning ‘Congratulations’! Step4 CU9H3CA1JG72YCAE8GIDGCAVDCRDVCAY7SZNRCAT Love no matter what? Devoted for life? or Will you marry me?

 Now you’re feeling really brave, 50 red roses “I love you, no matter what”. 100 Red roses, “I’m devoted to you”, and the best of all to a woman who is wearing an engagement ring is 108 Red Roses meaning “Will you marry me?”

 Step5 AO1F4CA5LJM86CA8Z6ZMWCAJ91RIFCAJE49IXCA3 Slow down the relationship with Let’s just be friends,

 You want to downplay the relationship, it’s moving too fast, send her Yellow Roses denoting “Let’s just be friends”, but you want to add fire to the relationship, send her a bunch of red and white mixed, meaning “We belong Together!”

Step6 images2_Thumb.jpg innocence, or let’s celebrate,

 it’s your choice White roses, symbolize innocence and purity. Red and yellow mean “Let’s celebrate”, Light Pink Roses,”You make me happy”, (a nice thought for your valentine), Dark Pink, is telling her and him “Thank You”.. maybe for an enjoyable evening?

 Step7 DOA72CAC2CU41CAF60UXSCACB0ZBOCAZT8ULPCAU Does she fascinate you, or is she beautiful? or are you still in love with her?

 Blue Roses are telling her “You’re mysterious”, and to really step up a relationship, try sending Lavender Roses, “It was love at first sight”. Burgundy, you’re telling her she’s “beautiful”, Orange will say “She fascinates you”,,,if you’re going through a divorce and you receive White tea roses with pink borders, then it might be time to rethink your marriage, because they mean “I must confess, I’m still in love with you”. Lastly, what to send to a funeral? Very dark red, meaning “My Condolences”.


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