World of Warcraft Paladin Auras Guide for AOE Paladin Buffs To Improve Abilities and Win in WOW

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World of Warcraft warriors have 3 stances that they can fight in to improve their abilities. Paladins, the holy warriors of Azeroth, have a similar set of abilities called auras.

A paladin can only have one aura active at a time. There are 8 auras total with a variety of different effects. Which one the paladin wants to use will depend upon the expectations of his group.

Some auras will be more beneficial to certain group makeups than others. A player who knows what each aura does will be able to switch auras in an instance, raiding or soloing to maximum effect.

The 8 Paladin Auras

There are paladin talents that improve some of the auras, but they are not available to all of them. Below is a brief description of what each of them does. Further information can be found on the WoW Wiki.

The Devotion Aura — This paladin aura increases the armor of the all the members in the group. The exact bonus is affected by level.

Retribution Aura — This paladin aurais a damage shield for the members of the paladin’s group. It starts out at 5 points per hit and raises with the level of the paladin.

Concentration Aura — If the spell casters in the paladin’s group are getting hit by the opposing monsters alot, this paladin aura should be used. It gives the members of the group a lesser chance of an attack interrupting their spell. (This can help those timely heals get cast..)

Sanctity Aura — This paladin aura is a fun aura to use in groups that are heavy with priests and paladins. It increases holy spell damage for all group members.

Shadow Aura — This paladin aura increases resistance of the paladin’s group to shadow spells. Useful in instances or raids where many of the opposing monsters will be using spells of this school.

Frost Resistance Aura — This paladin aura is similar to the shadow resistance aura except it protects the members of the paladin’s group against frost spells.

Fire Resistance aura — This aura protects a group against fire spells.

Crusader Aura — This is the only aura that affects the paladin only.. It increases the movement speed of his mount.

Using Paladin Auras

A paladin in World of Warcraft can only use one aura at a time. Paladin auras, like shaman totem spells,are area of effect. Other group members who do not wonder too far from the location of the paladin emanating the aura will benefit from the type of spell that the paladin has active. If the group has more than one paladin, the paladins can easily choose the auras that they will need.


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