How to Apply Retinoids Safely

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Use your topical retinoid before bed for two weeks. Alternate nights in order for your skin to get use to it.

BCP003-22_Thumb.jpg Once your nightly regimen has lasted for two weeks; begin to apply it in the morning. If irritation skill occurs wash it off after an hour or so

u15976753_Thumb.jpg Apply a tiny amount to all affected areas. Spread in an outward motion across the full surface of your skin. Insure that the product does not get into your eyes or mouth.

pe0005498_Thumb.jpg Always apply a sunscreen to exposed skin in the morning. Do not forget about all areas that you apply this product. Your skin will be slightly sensitive, so sunscreen is a must.

isp0803000_Thumb.jpg You can wear your makeup as usual. However, this would be a good time to find more natural sources such as mineral makeup.

beatiful-skin_Thumb.jpg Follow these few steps and you can have an effective tool in your “fight for flawless skin”.


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