Software can protect your child from harmful content and predators online.

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First feature you need in your software is a filter for harmful websites and newsgroups. This feature will block image sections in popular search engines as well.

The second feature that you need is a software that restricts internet time. You can actually set a predetermined schedule for a certain duration and on certain days. This will allow you to be present for all of your child’s internet usage.

Thirdly, you need a feature that blocks e-mails, online chats, instant messages and P2P-PSP connections with inappropriate words.

Fourth feature needed is a limit to the amount of data sent or received to and from your computer.

The Fifth feature needed would be a comprehensive list or activity blog that can be easily accessed daily.

You definitely want your children to benefit from this world of fast information. However, you don’t want them to learn things that are destructive to their well being. There are many types of Software out there (see ads on this page). Many will allow you to set different levels of restrictions for each member of your household. These settings take into account ones’ maturity, interests and habits.


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