10 scariest haunted houses in the United States

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#10 Lemp Mansion

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the Lemp mansion comes in at number ten at being one of the scariest haunted house in America. The mansion was created by Jon Adam Lemp who arrived in St. Louis from Eschwege, Germany in 1838. He first was a grocer who later found the importance of brewing lager, so in 1840 he abandoned the grocery business and built a brewery. With his fortune from the brewery he created the thirty-three room Victorian mansion. At the time of prohibition, four of the Lemp family members committed suicide as their business became bankrupt and the house went into disrepair. While the mansion was being restored, the workers reported a feeling of being watched, tools disappearing and strange sounds which caused many workers to quit. When the Lemp Mansion was being used as a restaurant, the employees reported seeing glasses float off the bar, sounds with no explanation, the piano playing by itself, and apparitions appearing and disappearing at will. There have been sightings of the “Lavender Lady,” who is the divorced wife of William Lemp Jr. She gets the name “Lavender Lady” because of her lavender colored dress she is often seen wearing. There is also a secret door in the basement that leads to caves along the Mississippi River. The caves were used for smuggling slaves and also during the prohibition.

#9 Hull House

Hull House is located in Chicago, Illinois. Hull house was constructed in one of the most fashionable sections of the city by Charles J. Hull in 1856. In the 1880’s this house was soon surrounded by factories and tenement houses after the Chicago Fire of 1871. At first, there were some sighting of apparitions and hearing footsteps, but Hull house received its greatest notoriety with being the refuge of the Chicago “devil baby.” This child was born to a devout catholic woman and atheist husband and was said to have pointed ears, horns, scale-covered skin and a tail.

 It was said that when the child was taken to be baptized, that during the ceremony the baby escaped from the priest and began dancing and laughing. Not knowing what to do about the child, Jane Addams kept it locked in the attic where it later died. People claim that on certain nights, the devil baby can be seen looking through the window of the attic.

# 8 Franklin Castle

Frankin Castle is Cleveland, Ohio’s most haunted house. It is said that Hannes Tiedemann, who was overbearing and dominating, murdered his daughter and a servant. He was never accused of these murders. The accounts of the child’s murder vary. Some say his 15 year old daughter who allegedly died of diabetes was found hanging in the rafters. Other stories say it was his 13 year old niece for being promiscuous or insane. Still yet, others say it’s his daughter Karen. There are also various versions of the murdered servant girl. Some say that she was hacked to death with an axe in a front window on her wedding day because of Tiedemann’s jealousness of her. It’s said that the neighbors heard each whack of the axe from the outside. Others say that she was strangled by Hannes in her bed due to her being engaged to another man. Finally, some say she was shot to death by Hannes. When people visit this castle, they say you can still hear choking sounds in the room where she was killed. Rumor has it that he also killed his wife with poison. When people visit this castle, they witness a woman in black in an upstairs room, lights turn on and off, chandeliers spin, doors open and close, mirrors fog, doorbells ring, mysterious sounds come from the walls – from muttering voices to babies crying. Some visitors reported feeling possessed or overtaken. There are cold spots and rooms that turn icy spontaneously…

#7 Congelier House

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the home Congelier house. This story begins in the winter 1871. Lyda discovered her husband Charles, having an affair with the maid Essie. It’s said that Lyda was so enraged that she fatally stabbed Charles and chopped of Essie’s head. This house remained vacant for numerous years and when people did move in, they didn’t stay long due to the screaming of a woman. In 1900, Dr. Adolph C. Brunrichter bought the home. One night the neighbors heard screams and they ran outside and saw a red flash shooting through the house. The ground trembled, sidewalks cracked and every window in the home shattered. When officials investigated, they found a decomposed female body and five headless young women in graves located in the basement. He experimented with severed heads and kept them alive for short periods of time after decapitation.

#6 The White House

In Washington D.C. at the White House, several former presidents occasionally decide to make their presence known. Some stories or haunting of the White House include Abigail Adams doing her laundry in the East Room and Dolly Madison overlooking the Rose Garden. Mrs. Wilson wanted to dig up the rose garden Dolly Madison appeared and told them not to disturb her garden. Also a British soldier died on the grounds during the war of 1812. He is seen walking the grounds with a torch in his hand. President Harrison’s ghost is often heard rummaging around in the attic. Andrew Jackson is thought to haunt his white house bedroom. Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln held real séances in the White House to recall the spirit of their dead son Willie. The most frequently sighted presidential ghost has been Abraham Lincoln. Eleanor Roosevelt felt him watching her as she worked in the Lincoln bedroom. A clerk claimed to have actually seen his ghost sit on a bed pulling off his boots. When Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands spent a night in the White House, she was awoken one night from a knock on her bedroom door. When she answered it, she was confronted with the ghost of Abe Lincoln staring at her from the hallway. Calvin Coolidge’s wife seen on several occasions the ghost of Lincoln stand with his hands clasped behind his back, at a window in the oval office staring out towards the bloody battlefields.

#5 The Stranahan House

The Stranahan House was built in 1906 in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Legend tells that Stranahan died on June 23, 1929 when he committed suicide after sinking into financial ruin in 1927. He lost most of his wealth and holdings in the aftermath of a hurricane and then being a victim of the great depression. He lost his battle with depression, and was troubled with the thought of letting those around him down when they entrusted his financial management with their lifesavings. He has attached a large iron hate to his ankle and threw himself into the river. He returned back to his home as a ghost from the watery depths that claimed him. In years to come after Stranahan, there were six other people who have died in the house and they all make their appearance.

#4 Winchester House

There have been a number of strange events reported at the Winchester House in San Jose, California. It all started in 1884 when a wealthy widow named Sarah L. Winchester began a construction project of such magnitude that it was to occupy the carpenters and craftsmen lives until her death 38 years later. This mansion is filled with many unexplained oddities that it is often referred to as the Winchester Mystery House. This house has 160 rooms, modern heating, sewer system, gas lights, 3 working elevators, and 47 fireplaces. There are windows built into the floor, staircases that lead to nowhere, a chimney that raises 4 floors, doors that open to blank walls. It’s said that Sarah along with other tormented spirits still wonder the great maze of rooms.

#3 The Whaley house

The Whaley House is located in San Diego California. It was built in 1857 by Thomas Whaley on land that was once a cemetery. Because of that, the house has since been the locus of dozens of ghost sightings. Some ghostly encounters include a spirit of a young girl who accidently was hung on the property. The ghost of Jim Robinson who was clubbed to death can be heard on the stairway where he died. The red-haired daughter of Whaley sometimes appears in a very realistic form, that she is sometimes mistaken for a live child.

#2 LaLaurie House

This famous private residence in old New Orleans got its title the haunted house from tales that were told about tortured slave spirits clank their chains during the midnight hours in remembrance of awful punishment they face by their mistress. There are even reports of the ghost of the Madame being seen there. Ghosts are often seen running and slamming doors and shouts are heard repeatedly. Furniture moves around by itself, people often feel the touch of unseen hands, and people even see ghosts peering from the upper windows.

#1 Myrtles Plantation

The Myrtles Plantation is the number one haunted house in the United States. It is located in West Feliciana Parish Louisiana. It’s said that the actual haunting take place at 3am. “At that exact hour each dark night, Chloe’s restless ghost roams the great dark haunted plantation. Chloe is a slave mistress who was kept by judge Woodruff. When he grew tired of her, she started to eavesdrop on him to learn of her fate. When he caught her at this, he cut off her left ear. She wanted to regain affection of him and the family so she boiled poisonous oleander leaves and baked them into a cake. She thought this would just make the children sick and she would get to attend to them. But as it turns out, she used too much and his wife and two children died that night from the poisoning. When the other slaves learned of this, they hung her from a tree then threw her in the Mississippi River. Chloe and the children can be seen and heard to this day in the plantation.


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