How to Earn Money with Affiliate Programs on eHow

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When writing for eHow, many people wonder how they can add to their income. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to you can take your earnings to a another level is to add affiliate program links to your articles. If you do not have affiliate program links, you need to add them to every article after you read this:

Step1 affiliatelinks_Thumb.jpg

First, let me explain how affiliate program marketing works. If you scroll down to my resources, you will see my affiliate links. If you were to click on my resources and purchase an item, the code attached to my link tracks to my account and gives me a percentage of the sale. The percentage usually varies between 4-10% of each item cost. You wouldn’t think that a small percentage would add up to much, but think of how many times your article will be viewed. Just as your eHow articles are constantly making money, so will your affiliate program links. I am still making money on me eHow articles from March of 2008 WITHOUT affiliate program links. I have since gone back to add links to my articles.


amazon_Thumb.jpg Now you will need to choose what type of products you would like to tie to your article. I found that offers the best affiliate program links because they carry many diverse products. Others include,, and After researching many articles I also found the following website to be the best in explaining the affiliate process: http://mywahm.blogspotcom
Visit this site as soon as you finish reading this article.

Step3 basicinfo_Thumb.jpg

To sign up with an affiliate program, you will be asked basic information. Some merchants make you list a website in order to become an affiliate. If you do not have one, link your eHow profile, or just use You will have to wait for approval which usually takes a few hours. After you are approved, you are ready to add product or service links to your articles!

Step4 cutandpaste_Thumb.jpg

To add links to your articles, you will need to use the link created for you by your merchant( etc). To do this, sign in and simply click on a product and and follow the link directions. This involves cutting and pasting the link into your resource section within your article. When doing this, choose TEXT ONLY (on the link page) and copy everything inbetween the quotation marks ” ” into your resource slot. DO NOT COPY THE QUOTES. The above website illistrates this for you.



Now that you have inserted your affiliate program link, be sure to write a description of your product. You can look at mine below under “resources”. After you have written your description, you are ready to view your article and start making money! Remember, that as long as your eHow article is on the web, your link is there as well, waiting for somebody to click and buy.


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