Sex Offenders in My Area

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It’s every parent’s nightmare when they hear a story on the news about a child being violated. You may ask yourself “How do I find sex offenders in my area?” How do you know where sex offenders reside? You use the Internet as your weapon.


Understand the law that protects:
All sex offenders must register with the National Sex Offender Agency. They need to register their place of residence, car, workplace, and distinguishing marks on their bodies’. Many states have tougher laws for sex offenders than that of the federal government. New York State and California have implemented Meghan’s Law which makes it tougher for sex offenders to live next to schools, get a job etc.
There are 3 levels of sex offenders. Level 1 is low level. Level 2 is listed as a moderate threat to the public. A Level 3 sex offender poses a high danger to the public.


Locate sex offenders in my area:
Research the Internet to find where where sex offenders may be living. Are they in my area? Many would hope not, but the reality is that a sex offender could be closer than you think. offers the most comprehensible site on locating sex offenders. You can simply type in the sex offenders name OR type in your zip code. You will receive a list of all sex offenders in the given zip code.

Step3 map_Thumb.jpg Map my area: offers a map of all sex offenders in your area. This is a great tool! Type in your zip code and click map it. You will most likely see red dots on your map. Click each individual dot to view the sex offenders address and level of crime.


Not in MY Area!
Petition your school district to send out mailings when a new sex offender moves into town. Many school districts have to do this by law. If your state does not require this, make them! It is your child’s saftey that is at risk.


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