Surviving a Crazy Economic Catastrophe

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Get out of the city. There are lots of people and few resources there. You’ve got a much better shot in the country.

Buy precious metals. Gold is the world’s best store of wealth. Silver can be an even better store but it is bulkier than gold. Harder to move. Silver will however be great for buying foodstuffs etc. if the dollar collapses.

Get a gun and buy bullets. I personally hate guns and I will not have one in my house. However, there is no denying that a firearm serves a number of purposes in an out of control economic climate. Not the least of which is the ability to shoot animals for food.

Get to know your neighbors. If things go nuts you are going to want to know your neighbors. Things could get real local real quick and knowing who knows how to do what in a community is extremely valuable. During the Great Depression people hung together. If we have to deal with a similar situation the same spirit will have to prevail.

Plant a garden. If you have a garden make it bigger. If you’ve never had one learn how to raise your own food. It is empowering. It’s a great skill even in good times.  

 Learn how to make your own liquor. You’re going to need it


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