Take Your Students on a Virtual Field Trip

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Creating a virtual field trip for your students is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom. The virtual field trip takes students on an Internet search of various sites that pertain to the subject you are teaching. The virtual field trip is also a great way to access different learning styles in the class. Read on to learn how to create a virtual field trip for students.

Pick your audience. What grade are you teaching? A virtual field trip for fourth graders will obviously be different from one you create for a class of seniors.

Progress in a logical manner. This virtual field trip should be in a narrative form. It should have a beginning, middle and an end.

Use an age appropriate conversational tone. You want to sound like a tour guide in the virtual field trip. You are taking your students on a journey through a specific subject. Create a sense of adventure and excitement.

Include links to other web sites. Be sure to tell your guest what they should look for once they arrive at the link. You want to make navigation as simple as possible for them.

Make the tour interesting. Use bold and colorful fonts. Change the fonts to different sizes to accommodate titles and links.

Go a step further and transform the virtual field trip into a website. Add graphics to your virtual field trip to make it even more interesting.

Remember, don’t overwhelm the students with too many different fonts, colors and graphics. Make it interesting but keep it simple.


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